Did I ever mention the results of the Weblog Awards? It was a strong third place finish for Chatting at the Sky. Thank you all for voting. Receiving 2,891 votes is no small feat. And even though I lost by a good six thousand votes, I am happy with a bronze medal finish. Would be even happier if I actually got a bronze medal. But whatever.

Speaking of Lost, it comes back this week, Wednesday on ABC. It is going to be a premiere event, so you won’t want to miss it. I love it when they add event to the ends of things to make them more important.

I went shopping with June today. She has a wedding to attend next month in cold, icy, shaped like a mitten Michigan. And North Carolina June has nothing to wear to a fancy, freezing, Michigan wedding. So we shopped and we searched and she sparkled. But no luck. At least not in the dress department. I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent some time with June, though. She is full of wild hilarity, that one. She once asked Does this dress make me look dead? It did not.

So even though we didn’t find a dress, we were able to enjoy a fantastic lunch together. Well, I enjoyed a fantastic lunch and June stirred her soup a few times because the woman has no appetite, as her migraine medicine has changed her taste buds so that soft drinks are paint thinner and food is uninteresting. At least she doesn’t have migraines.

Speaking of migraines, I hope this post hasn’t given you one. I know it isn’t the usual type of post, but The Man is at the Tarheels game so I have no one to talk with. Aren’t you lucky?