In the spirit of focusing on things that are meaningless but still important, here are some more questions that I’ve just been dying to ask.

1. Do you have certain words that you just can’t use?
Most of the words on my hate list happen to begin with the letter “p”: particle, puss, pimple, putrid, pasty. I can’t believe I just wrote those words in my personal space. Maybe it isn’t normal to have a list…?

2. Do you easily buy and replace things for just you?
Like makeup, sunglasses, new underwear? I’ve had a Wal-Mart pair of sunglasses for over 2 years now. They are falling apart. But until I lose them, I just. can’t. get new ones. And my blush is a pink, powdery mess in it’s compact. But it still works, right? And the underwear….well, you know. Don’t you? Do you know? Or am I crazy?

3. Are you ok using a spoon at birthday parties?
When there is ice cream and cake involved, everyone seems to think it is SO necessary to eat it with a spoon. I hate using spoons. Unless it is for cereal or soup. I will use a spoon for ice cream alone…but when there is cake involved, I just can’t take it.

Don’t you love the way I disguise my freaky quirks as questions?