“When you sing your sad songs, I will learn the words and sing along.”

– Ellie Holcomb

There are a thousand things we should have learned in school but didn’t. Here I’ll name six:

1 – How to be a true leader⁠

2 – How to handle fame and attention⁠

Musicians, high school quarterbacks, pastors, award winners, public servants, politicians, teenagers on social media — so many in the spotlight don’t know how to deal.

3 – How to properly eat dessert

It’s with a fork, not a spoon. Do not come at me with “What about ice cream?!” Ice cream is fine. It’s the cakes, the pies, the brownie sundaes. Why are y’all using spoons for this? Don’t answer that.

4 – How to be anti-racist

5 – How to listen without an agenda⁠

6 – How to be a friend to someone who is suffering⁠

In Psalms of lament, at least four things are present in some form: a prayer crying out to God, an honest complaint, a request, and a vow of praise or confidence.⁠

Let’s don’t rush through the first part to get to the last. And by all means, never rush someone else through the first part, either.⁠

I have a lot to learn about healthy lament. So far, 2020 has been a relentless and dedicated teacher.

One thing I’m trying to do well is to listen when others sing their sad songs, to learn the words, and try to sing along.