For Your Weekend

May our nervous tapping slow to a halt. May we find a way to stop clenching our jaws and tensing our shoulders. May we laugh loud and sigh deep and roll our eyes at fear and insecurity. They are not welcome here today. Enjoy your weekend, friends. … [Read more]

When Your Soul Feels Held Hostage by Hustle

If it ever feels like the fast-moving world is not only rushing around you but also within you, I have something I hope might help. For the last few months we've been working hard behind the scenes to make a short video series to help you create … [Read more]

So You Want to Be a Better Listener

I cried through communion yesterday and I still don't know why. Instead of falling into the  pattern of feeling either apologetic about my tears or grasping for a way to explain them to myself, I'm learning to embrace this sometimes oddly timed … [Read more]