For Your Weekend

Today's reads are for the weary, the wandering, the one who feels too-busy, and anyone who would like to write a book. Enjoy your weekend, friends. When We're All Doing the Best We Can by Cara Meredith "We did it. We got out into nature … [Read more]

A Prayer for Peace

Sometimes I think I want peace but what I really want is calm. Calm is quiet rooms and alone time.  Calm is slow movements, deep breathing, and zero percent chaos. Calm, when you can get it, is a gift. But it's not the same as peace. Peace … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

Today's reads are for the reflective, the wanna-be playful, the leaders, the artists, and anyone who wants to keep things simple. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Non-Goals by Erin Loechner for Design By Mankind "I think there is inherent worth … [Read more]

The Spiritual Discipline of the Long Walk

Today I've invited my friend Adam McHugh to share with us from his most recent book, The Listening Life. This book was one of my favorite reads of 2015 (incase you missed the last 5,000 times I've mentioned it.) If you're feeling a little … [Read more]