A Prayer for When You Need Some Confidence

Here's the truth: we want to get well but we don't know how. Instead, we know how to compare ourselves to other people, to other ideals, and even to a former, romanticized version of ourselves. We know how to step on scales and shame ourselves, … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way: My Stitch Fix Reviews by me // Because maybe you want to surprise yourself with a box of clothes for Christmas. Here is where I share some of the pieces I've received from … [Read more]

A Prayer for Those Who Are Grieving

We recognize there are many among us who have only just crossed the invisible boundary marking their own before and after, who are looking at calendars today saying This time last week, things were still normal. For those who have witnessed the … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

Thinking of and praying for the people of Paris this morning - may you feel the love and support of so many around the world. Father, be close to the brokenhearted. May justice come swiftly. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for … [Read more]

An Invitation to Healthy Busy

Airplanes are the perfect reading cocoon. We're all locked in there with no place else to go and nothing to do but either talk to each other - no thank you - or read our respective books, magazines, and newspapers. They give you your very own … [Read more]