10 Things I Learned in August

Welcome to our monthly link up we call What We Learned! I'm a firm believer in the importance of looking back before we move forward. This end of the month ongoing  post series is where I share what I've learned this month and invite you to share … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

We confess our fear of community--how we both crave and dread it at the same time. We confess our tendency to lurch and limp through interactions with people. May we be sensitive to the ways our words land in the hearts of others. May we be quick to … [Read more]

For Your Weekend

As we anticipate the milestones - the tearful goodbyes and nervous hellos - may we remember these firsts and lasts are small parts of the great big middle. The next step is natural and good even as we may grieve all we leave behind. Enjoy your … [Read more]

3 Things Too Good Not to Share

It's been a fun week in the Freeman house and I thank you for your kind support in the midst of it. A quick post this morning to share with you three things too good to keep to myself. 1. When I reached into the Dove chocolate bag last night and … [Read more]