Ever since I read Amber’s post on being a person @ The Run-A-Muck, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. She speaks of home and God’s art and eating a chicken nugget. And somehow it all fits together. Because that is her gift. That is part of her person.

The Invisible Photographer @ Shutter Sisters was yet another confirmation of the importance of including ourselves in our family photos. Focusing on the arms-length portrait, Kate Inglis leaves out the word ‘self’ because it’s not just about capturing photos of me, but of noting my presence in the midst of a captured day. Well said.

My Dad talks here on being a person as it relates to God: This is not about my wife

Megan @ Velveteen Mind talks about being a person in the blog world as only she can: Will you hit your saturation point before your tipping point?

And Chickadee, in the simple, quiet way that is unique to her, beautifully communicates being a person among her family in An Evening Walk @ A Familiar Path.

These posts all eloquently communicate the importance of being. Of living well, discovering truth, loving deeply and basking in this present moment. Thank you Amber, Kate, Dad, Megan and Chickadee for inspiring me today. If you have a minute, I encourage you to check them out.