I know that the motivation to read a blog is often for the fast and easy: simple tips for sprucing up; money saving tricks; easy recipes. I read them for those things, too. I want fast, easy, useful. To read in this place sometimes requires a slowing down that isn’t always easy or possible.

That is why I am so thankful for you who hang out here. To do so means that on some level, you love words, you notice things and you appreciate the concept of soul rest. And I LOVE IT. Because you are my people.


This is my pedometer at the end of a busy day last week. I took 9494 steps that day. I had things to clean, items to buy, people to pick up and feed and wash.

Yesterday, my pedometer reading was not quite so high. I spent an hour reading the unwrapped posts, clicking as they rolled in, entering in as a co-celebrator. And I was thankful. For you. For a God who gives good gifts and for the reminder to lift up my head to receive them.

There was a tangible filling up as I read your words and browsed your photos. I spent some focused time on my laptop, a place where my hand typically hovers on the ready, waiting to click to the next thing. A place where I chat but don’t engage, where I check but don’t linger. Yesterday, I lingered. My kids were all in school and I gave myself permission to sit and linger over your moments.

Graceful found gifts in a handful of colored rocks.

Megan found the kid in herself.

Danielle found beauty and inspiration in a most simple place.

Jo looked up from her list just long enough to find life.

There were so many more. So thanks. For reading, for slowing, and for loving words as much as I do. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.