I have enjoyed reading all of your comments about your houses and the ways you think about cleaning them. One comment struck me in particular, as I think she says so eloquently what I have been thinking about in my heart:

When I started thinking of my chores around the house as less of a drudgery and more of a way to provide comfort, ease, health of environment, and pleasure to my family, my whole attitude changed toward those chores. I would LIKE to say that scrubbing toilets became an act of love, but it didn’t go quite that far. But I resented it less, and appreciated the home more, and appreciated more what our home provided for our family: shelter, a place for us to be together, to enjoy ourselves, to make memories. I think that viewing it as house KEEPING vs house CLEANING has helped transform our shelter into an abode, from a house into our home.”

Well said, Mercy Project. I think this is a major point of Cheryl Mendlesons’ book, the difference between keeping house and cleaning house. After all, I could technically hire someone to clean my toilets. But keeping can only be done by me. I am the keeper of my house, the one responsible for making it a safe little society for my family.

I really like that.