“For some of us, good books and beautiful writing are the ultimate solace, even more comforting than exquisite food.” – Anne Lamott

So I read more than one book at a time and this weekend I realized my current stack is made up of my personal perfect combination of book genres. I will share those genres with you in this post, but I realized I have a bit of a problem.

Will you help me choose my next read?

This year I’m loosely trying to follow Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge and one of the categories is to read a book in a genre you wouldn’t typically choose. But I’m having trouble thinking of something for that category.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I’m currently reading and then hear suggestions from you of a book outside of one of these genres.

Here are the books I’m currently reading (including affiliate links incase you want to check them out yourself):

Moon Over Manifest by Clare VanderpoolMoon Over Manifest [Audio Book] by Clare Vanderpool (Children’s Literature, Historical Fiction)

Now that the girls no longer attend school in the neighborhood, I spend a lot of time in my car. So I checked out the audio version of this one. The main narrator’s voice grates on my nerves which was almost a deal-breaker for me.

But I have managed to get over that and I’m glad I did. I’m about seventy-five percent through it and look forward to getting in my car so I can listen to it. When I don’t have a fiction book in my life, I’m a little less happy about the world. I chose this book based on the cover.

Hidden in Christ by James Bryan Smith

Hidden in Christ by James Bryan Smith (Spiritual Non-Fiction)

I adore the book of Colossians and this is an entire book about the third chapter. It’s shorter than books I typically read in this genre, but I enjoy being able to read a whole chapter or two each morning.

I credit so many authors who write books in this category for much of my own spiritual formation. But I have an entire stack of books in this genre waiting in the wings so I definitely don’t need any more recommendations like this right now.


Bird by Bird by Anne LamottBird by Bird by Anne Lamott (Writing, Reference)

This is mostly a re-read, although I am realizing as I near the end I’m not sure I ever completely finished it.

I always feel best when I have a book on writing or creativity on my stack and have several more I want to start. These are the kinds of books I like to re-read as I always find something new to apply to  my creative work. I’ve enjoyed my time with this one.



Never Broken by Jewel KilcherNever Broken by Jewel (Memoir)

The older I get, the more I’m enjoying memoirs. The goal isn’t to teach a lesson or make a point but to tell a story.

Because of my continued obsession with Alaska and my love for the show Alaska the Last Frontier (a reality show featuring what life is like on a homestead that just so happens to star Jewel’s family) I ordered this book last week. When it arrived, I sat down and didn’t get up for three hours.

From her experience living on a homestead to living in her car as a homeless teenager to becoming a millionaire singer – it’s the stuff of movies, y’all. Except it’s her real life and it’s fascinating.


These are the four books I’m currently reading in my four favorite kinds of books: fiction, spiritual non-fiction/Christian living, writing, and memoir.

What do you recommend I read outside of one of these genres? Something about space? Science? Gardening? I’m at a loss!