Last night while my fairy blogmother was bippidy blogidy boo-ing away on my blog design, I was busy watching Friends with one eye open. It was very late. But not so late that my house-loving, color-picking, half-asleep self could ignore Monica’s bathroom during The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath.

Something about that bathroom looks awfully familiar, I thought to myself.
I guess I just accept things like this on TV. I mean, it’s TV. It’s Friends. It’s Monica. I forgive her. But if I walk into a house that I’m thinking of buying and see purple trim…well, it’s kind of different.
A big improvement, don’t you think?

Too bad I don’t have a fairy housemother to redo our house for us. She would never leave a mess like this.
Or this, in the kids bathroom.

She would also never, ever leave her water bottle on the toilet in the middle of my bedroom.
Instead, I’ve got these guys.
And this lovely trench in my backyard.
She would never leave that trench. Unless she doubled as a groundhog, but what kind of fairy housemother would do that? I’m getting just a teensy bit nervous, as the clock strikes mid-night on May 6. That is the day we will bid our farewells to sweet Sophie Marie and head on over to the new house for good. Here’s to hoping that glass slipper fits.