I’d love to hear where some of you are reading from. But sometimes I forget that not everyone knows stuff about blogs. Maybe some of you fabulous people are new to reading blogs, or have come here for the first time. I want to take a minute to say welcome and I hope you will feel graciousness in this place.

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Every Tuesday we have a little party around here where we celebrate and unwrap the gifts we notice in the midst of our everyday; the messy, the lovely and the unexpected. I want to invite you to join us with your own Tuesdays Unwrapped post! The women who hang out here are authentic treasure seekers and I know you will be blessed by their wrting and hearts. Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.

Finally, the best part of this blog is the comments. Don’t forget to browse through them and discover the voices of all the fabulous women and the 2 men who regularly come here to chat at the sky.

Speaking of comments, will you take a quick minute to click on the comments and tell me where you live? No street address necessary. State will suffice. And may I take a moment to tell you from the heart how much I enjoy writing in this space. Thank you for making it worth it.