I was trying to get a photo of the duck. See her (him?) there in the upper right? I crouched down low, my back up against the rough bark of a tree, and I tried to capture the silhouette of that duck. I took lots of photos of her but didn’t like any of them. I was too far away – even my cool zoom lens wasn’t zoomy enough. As I quickly scrolled through the shots, I nearly deleted them all. But I was on a walk and I wanted to keep going. I’ll just delete them later. Then later I forgot.

Until tonight when I uploaded them to my computer and scrolled through again. I didn’t even notice the duck. Those trees! That light! The reflection! Except for that duck, it’s like the whole world is upside down. Magic.

I’m so glad I was lazy and didn’t delete them when I thought they were useless.

Sometimes I chase ducks and miss the art. Have you been chasing any ducks lately?

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