Last night our eight year old son watched the weather app like a professional meteorologist, predicting snow and school closings. We mostly ignored him because there is no way school will be closed tomorrow now go brush your teeth.

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You know how this story ends.

This surprise snow is much like life, right? We plan, but we don’t really know.

And so, like so many of you, we’re home again from school, raising the tally of makeup days to five.

It’s simply Tuesday, y’all.

The past few years have been for me a practice of embracing what I find on my Tuesdays even when it’s not what I expected or hoped for. During a time when my kids were in preschool and the days all ran together, I started a weekly practice I called Tuesdays UnwrappedRaise your hand if you were around back then. (Hi!)

I was nostalgic enough to know that one day I would probably miss those days but sleep-deprived enough to not be able to fully appreciate them.

So I decided to mark them, to celebrate on purpose the messy, the lovely, and the unexpected moments of life. The best way I could think of to do that was to write about them and then invite others to join me here on the blog.

Every week, we would write, unwrapping our Tuesday moments and every week, I remembered again how thankful I was to have a community to help me see the beauty hidden beneath the piles of to-do lists, diapers, and dirty clothes.

After hosting the link up weekly for several years, I stopped hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped every week and picked it back up only in December.

Now, we’ve simplified the concept even more to share a picture or thought every Tuesday using the hashtag #itssimplytuesday on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook). I remember all over again how much I love celebrating the moments with you.

Simply Tuesday

Photos from last week’s #itssimplytuesday stream on Instagram:

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Martha Kimball | Caroline Teselle | Gaby Compres

Christian | Jill Burnette | Trina Cress

So often I despise these small beginnings I find on the ordinary days that seem to only always lead to nothing. But paying attention on Tuesday reminds me that Jesus didn’t come to save me from my daily tasks, but in many ways he has saved me for my daily task. This, right in front of me, is where I live. This is my work, my assignment for today.

Let’s take back Tuesday, the smallest day of the week because here is where we  live and where our people live. Here is where we wash our dishes and wait for the snow to pass and pray for miracles and walk with the hurting and carry the burdens and really live.

If you’re like me and need a little encouragement to see your ordinary moments with new eyes, I hope you’ll join us. Here’s me on Instagram where I love marking the moments every week on Tuesdays. I’ll be smiling my way through the #itssimplytuesday stream as I scroll through your regular moments that look so much like mine. Happy Tuesday, friends.