The first hurricane I remember knowing about was Hurricane Hugo in 1989. We had only lived in South Carolina a short time and the idea of hurricanes was a new one to this Indiana girl. Watching the news and seeing the projected track, I remember being terrified.

Mom assured me that we lived in the place where people came to take cover. We had no need to be concerned.

She was right.

I don’t know anything about living through a hurricane except what I read and see on TV. But when a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, I read Megan at Velveteen Mind. She and her family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina exactly seven years ago.

You should probably just go read her now. She writes with courage and explains the storm surge, something I hadn’t thought much about before her post.

As Hurricane Isaac makes landfall, you who live in the Gulf Coast are on our minds and in our prayers. Truly.