This is the week between two weddings. On Saturday, my photo-taking friend, Alisa, was married. She and I did a wedding together last year. In fact, she has taken photos for countless brides. This time it was her turn. She is beautiful.


Not that you can tell that from this photo, but trust me: she is.

This coming Saturday I have the distinct privilege of standing next to my college roommate while she promises forever to the man she loves. I haven’t met him yet, as they live far away, but I have no doubt that he is some kind of man with a capital M.

So I’ve got wedding brain. Sitting there in the church on Saturday, I remembered what a mess I can be at weddings. I remember how the bride is like a princess and how the vows are holy and sacred and how much I love to watch the father of the bride because his baby girl is all grown up. And I always cry because I am a crier. Are you a wedding crier? Is that even how you spell it?