I have a favor to ask you.


I value your time. The fact that you choose to spend even a fraction of it here during your day is something that delights and humbles me. I am thankful for my friends in real life who read, for my friends in computer life who read and for those of you who read but haven’t said hi yet.

But like I said, I have a favor and I am prepared to reward you for your clicking labor.

If you are reading this, you know that I have changed my blog address. Now, many of you read in a reader and you have yet to change my address in your sidebar on your blog. I used to enter those links once and never thought about them again. But now that I’ve moved, I’m crazy about keeping them current for people. This is my plea:

If you have Chatting at the Sky listed in your sidebar, would you please update the address?

Thanks. Thanks so much. And to all of you who have already done so, I thank you from the bitty bottom of my chitty chatty heart.

And if you want to add me new to your sidebar or subscribe to the feed by clicking ‘rss feed’ at the top of the page, well that would be extra awesome, too.

If you find yourself in any one of those categories, simply leave a comment to let me know you either changed the address a long time ago, made the switch today or added/subscribed for the first time and I will enter you to win $20 at Target.

Because I am desperate for my links to be current. Thank you. Now get clicking.