the path

Behind the leaf is a blurry path that leads home. I walk that path everyday to take my girls to school. It is a new part of our daily routine that I didn’t expect to need. On the first day of school, I was surprised by it.

On the way, there was hand-holding, high-pitched chatter, hairband fixing and backpack checking. Anticipation of the day was filled with questions about teachers and classmates and what to wear, as well as secret mama fears of anxious girls or uncontrollable tears.

My worries were needless, as Courage and Brave decided to show up and embrace my girls for the morning. I saw them to their classrooms, chatted with their teachers and offered one last hug. Unfortunately, I lost my cool in the library upon seeing fellow mamas with their respectably misty eyes behind their paper coffee cups. My mist turned into a full-on shower as visions of my girls as babies crept up without my permission.

After making a sufficient fool of myself, I headed back outside to walk home, and it was as if this path rose up to greet me. I walked it slowly and alone, drinking in the quiet, and thankful for the gentle transition from preschool to grade school.

That was Tuesday, two weeks ago. And it made me think of my fellow Unwrappers.


Tuesdays are set aside around here to take time to share a moment that may have otherwise disappeared under the pile of daily tasks. Instead, we stop, notice and we are thankful.

I took a break in August from hosting the linky. I have sincerely missed it. I’m glad to know a few of you have missed it as well. In fact, Sharone from Zizzivivizz wrote a post about it called What A Difference a (Tues)day makes:

I visit the blogs of the other Unwrappers and together we help each other to see the mundane and ordinary in new and fruitful ways…On Tuesdays, I’ve been training myself to see the pure and lovely and praiseworthy things, even when they come in ostensibly unappealing packages. I can see how the training is starting to take root–and I like it.

I like it, too. And I love how she calls it a training. I have to practice an attitude of thankful noticing. Otherwise, I sink right back into the swirling chaos. I am thankful for the reminder to slow down and celebrate the small things, like simple, quiet paths that lead to new beginnings. If you have a Tuesday moment, simply include the permalink to your post in the linky below. So happy to be back.