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Yesterday’s post brought on a wellspring of memories and emotion for me. In fact, my dad and my mom both left comments, which has never happened before in the history of history. Dad said he loves hearing about what went on in our heads while we played and mom admitted that she would sometimes eavesdrop on our Barbie chit chat. (MO-om. Geez.)

My parents were there, but they weren’t in on it. We were the kids. They were the grown ups. Though we were all a family, there is a different connection that exists between siblings than the one that exists between kids and parents.

sistersBut now I’m the mom. And I’m the one listening in on the other side of the door while my girls apply pretend lipstick and make up wacky storylines for their polly pockets. They have language and jokes and experiences even now that I may not hear about until they grow up. Or perhaps I’ll never know about them at all. Because I’m not in on it.

I captured this moment between them, a moment like so many others that come and go so often around here. I know the day is coming when these sister moments will no longer happen under my roof. My prayer is simply that they happen, whether I’m blessed to see them or not.

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