I am breaking all my rules. Unwrapping is about seeing the small things in the midst of our everyday, pausing in the moment, and celebrating. But y’all. I can’t see anything today but the big. The Big Fat Book. I know my kids are growing up somewhere in the background and my husband loves me and the days are long and the years are short. But I can’t see it and I just have to be real with you.

There is something mysterious and lovely about being in book-writing mode. But the times of writing are so intense, that the times of not writing have become the exact opposite. The Man tells me that my on/off switch is now over-sized and drastic. I can sit and write for four hours straight. Sometimes five. But when I come up for air, the fog settles around me, making the daily little things nearly disappear.

My kids names all blur together. Dinner menus are painfully repetitive. My craving to watch mind-numbing television is at an all-time high. But I will tell you this: I know that there is a message in this book, and it isn’t my own. I am watching as He weaves His story through mine, and I laugh and cry as it comes out through my personality on paper. Christ in you is a profound mystery, but it is true. This I know.

Perhaps I have a gift to unwrap after all.


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