I will be posting more about SheSpeaks in the days to come. Some of you have asked for more details on the conference and I would be ever so glad to share them with you. For now, I simply had to reveal another unpacking treasure, as it has been my traveling companion for several weeks now.
Enough with the Glamour Gals and Barbie turkeys, I’ve finally found a treasure that is worth more than sentiment. When we bought our camera last year, it came with 2 lenses. I used the 18-55 lens because it was more practical. Somehow, this 55-200 lens got pushed into the sock drawer. And then disappeared forever.

Or so I thought.

Until Alisa showed up one day with her zoom lens and I saw the photos she took with it and all of a sudden, I couldn’t sleep until I found that lens. Which was bad because I couldn’t find that lens. But then we moved. And everything turns up when you move.

Allow me to demonstrate the wonderful-ness that is the zoom lens. This was the view from my seat at a dance recital.
With treasure #4, I can see faces, fingers and expressions.

Then there’s the wedding. It is always a waste to take photos during wedding ceremonies. First, the lighting is rarely good. Then, there’s all the heads. Not to mention I’m never close enough. This was our view at a wedding recently.
Can you even see the bride and groom? Pull out the zoom lens, and they magically appear.
I watched nearly the entire wedding with one eye squeezed shut, looking through my viewfinder, snapping photos as I went. I felt like a spy. A friendly, invited spy. But still.

I’m so glad I found this treasure lens!