It always started the same way: we would spread out all the Barbies in the middle and pick. Then, after we had chosen who we were gonna be, we would spread out the little junk in the middle and pick that, too.
Leave it to the twins to find my box full of little junk. They came to me together, each holding one side of the box, saying to me in unison: “Mommy…can we play with this?” Why was my first response no?I’ll tell you why. Because of the turkey. And the pie. That’s why. They are just so small and so cool and so wonderful. Can 4 year olds really appreciate the fancy “china” Barbie plate? Do they know how to use a tiny veggie tray?
For a minute I was 8 again, protective of my stuff, not wanting little kids to mess it all up. But then I came to my mommy senses and realized they are the reason I saved all this stuff in the first place.

Turns out 4 year olds are pretty keen on what to do with a pretend turkey. In fact, they did it for over 2 hours. A treasure indeed.