We can get lost in nostalgia sometimes. Hearing my daughter pronounce her r’s so perfectly, watching the way she reads with ease – sometimes these milestones that should be fully celebrated only serve as reminders of those days when they were small and couldn’t do these things for themselves. I used to swim around in the memories more than I do now. But memories can be sweet little liars. They don’t always store up the whole truth of how things were.

Today, he builds with blocks. Today, he wants me to build with him and make up stories and weave the road for the cars through the town. Instead of being swept away by how big they are now or how much things have changed, take a few minutes to consider what is real and true this day – the lovely, the messy, and the unexpected. That’s what we are doing on Tuesdays in December. Look around, because one day not so long from now, this very day will be one of those days you look back on and treasure. Might we practice treasuring it now instead?

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