Every time I visit there, I try to guess the writing voice before getting to the bio at the end. Some things give it away, like Ann always uses a blue drop cap and words heavy with grace; Amber’s voice drips with imagery and honest metaphor; Holley speaks like a kindred spirit; Annie tells it like it is, honest and brave; and my sister, when she writes in this space, speaks with the same fun spirit as she does at her place, but we get to see a little different side of her here.
(in)courage party

photo taken at the (in)courage party at BlissDom ’10

There are so many more of them, the women who write for (in)courage. They are a gift to me. I hope to you as well. Do you have a gift to notice and unwrap today? Join us by adding the permalink to your unwrapped post. And please either grab the button or link back here so your readers can join in as well, if they would like.

I am also writing at (in)courage today.

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