“When a bad thing happens, let the ugly pass. Don’t stare at it. Keep your eyes on the beauty that will follow in its wake like a skier behind a boat. Keep your eyes on the rope. The skier will soon appear, smiling and beaming with good news.” -Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads®

I don’t know if every single moment in life carries with it a gift. But I do know that I usually find what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for a blessing, I will always find one. If I’m looking for a curse – well, I’ll find that, too. I get to choose what I focus on. That is why we come here on Tuesdays. To notice on purpose the small things hiding in secret places or the beauty that comes after the bad.

Is there some small thing you are celebrating today? Is there a different perspective than the one you’ve been holding on to? We would love to hear about it. Find the gift and then unwrap it. If you would like to participate but haven’t before, go here to see the guidelines. Be sure to use the permalink to your unwrapped post or your link will be deleted, and be sure to link back here.

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