At the risk of sounding cheesy and sappy and slightly dramatic, I’m going to go ahead and tell you that I think Tuesdays Unwrapped is changing how I live. It has been four weeks since I started the series. Originally I told myself I’ll give it a

After four weeks of reading your posts about everyday moments you are unwrapping, I think I’m hooked. Take, for example, the classic moment we all face nearly everyday: dinner was over and the dishes were screaming my name. The kids ran outside to play, giving me the perfect chance to clean up the kitchen.

But the kids were outside playing. Playing, living, enjoying the moment. The air was warm and the breeze was cool, just like May is supposed to be. So I sat in the rocking chair outside, closed my eyes, and let it all be around me.

What was once a chance to finish the task is now becoming an opportunity to slow down and enter in. Let me assure you, this is not my normal. And the task will eventually have to be done. But because of this focus every Tuesday, I am slowly remembering to remember. To notice, receive and celebrate.

You are essential to that subtle change in me. It is one thing for me to share ways I am living on purpose, but another thing altogether to have you share your messy, lovely and unexpected gifts. I read every post. I laugh, I cry, I eat ice cream.


Even though I read each post, there may be times when I simply can’t comment on each one as much as I would like to. It turns into Emily being on the computer too much. I’m not sure how much longer I will keep unwrapping Tuesday, but for this week I want to invite you to join me again. You know the rules:

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