On Mother’s Day, I had a small role in the service at our church. Because of that, they requested I send in a photo of our family.

Sue: Would you mind sending a photo of your family so we can show it during the service?

Me: Uhh…the whole family?

Sue: Yes, the whole family.

Me: You mean like, the kids and The Man and me?

Sue: Yes.

Me: So like, a photo with everyone in it? And me too? And The Man? And me?

Sue: *pause* *giggle* Yes. Everyone.

Me: slight panic. Sure. I’ll get right on that.

Because y’all? I have no recent family photos. As you know. So I had to grab a friend who was visiting to take a quick photo of the fam.


photo by Alisa

There we are. The whole family. And me. So what am I unwrapping? Well, the fact that I have taken a small step toward following my own advice. I got in front of the camera rather than hide behind it. Because even though it was sort of required that I do it this time, next time I’ll do it for fun.


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