It was a Friday, not a Tuesday. But it was a moment worth unwrapping. John, in the front yard of my sister’s house, playing football with our kids and her kids. The day was cold so I mainly watched from the window. But I stood there for longer than was necessary.

footballIt felt like home, watching them all together like that. Being on the land, standing in the warm living room, listening to Mom and Myquillyn chat in the kitchen about how much longer the ham needed to cook.

footballI loved every minute of it. We live in these moments. We live with these people — who teach me to listen, to forgive, to have patience, to understand. These are the moments that make a life, rounding out the jagged edges of lists and deadlines and everyday schedules.

footballBut these moments come small and silent in the midst of our busy days. The won’t beg to be unwrapped, they simply present themselves and move softly on.

May we have eyes to see them today.

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