Back in December, we did a little project called Everyday Unwrapped. Many of you linked up and joined me on the journey of noticing. I am sad that the Mister Linky didn’t follow me when I switched domains, as those links you provided were not only fabulous, but basically the whole point of the project.


I’ve been at it again, looking for nothing and finding everything. I have been keeping my camera closer than usual these days. In an experiment of noticing, the sweet sacred things rise to the surface in the midst of the everyday. It is fascinating to me how much story exist in each moment if I would simply see it. A lens forces me to do that.


Like this mess, for example. I started to clean it up in a hurry, ready to see the table top again. But then I remembered to notice and took a picture instead. It’s not so much the messy color, it’s what the mess means: a morning of crafts and notes to Daddy.

Doing this on a Tuesday is significant, as that is the name of the song that serves as the inspiration for the blog title. Most of you know that, but if you are new you can read about Tuesday on the about page.

So for a while, Tuesdays will be dedicated to celebrating smallness and taking time to stop to chat at the sky…or at least photograph it. And if I can figure out how to have a Mister Linky on a WordPress blog by next week, I would love to ask you to join me.