Imoomie is living out her “happily ever after” with an incredible man and inspiring children in North Carolina. Part thinker, part goofball, her time in the garden brings peace into her often hectic life. While bouncing between serious and silly, she seeks the One who planned her days. Visit her at Imoomie.

The night…was endless and restless, an extended time of tossing, turning, curling and kicking instead of the peaceful slumber I had longed to engulf me. This state of being bleeds into my morning and does not make for a joyous start to the day. I place one heavy foot in front of the other propelling myself in the direction of the waiting coffee pot.

A night spent like this makes my dark cup of coffee even more welcoming and delicious, and pushes me from my usual one cup onto two cups of the steaming liquid. I head outdoors to tackle the yard-work while the day is still crisp and the newness is still present, pruning back the vines and growth that spring brought, pulling unwanted weeds to make room for something new. Strangely, I find fulfillment of a promise in the possibilities this new canvas holds.

Something happens within me during this time, and the fatigue that rested its head on my shoulders disappears into the day. Hope has replaced worry and although my body is weary, my soul I discover, is refreshed.

The me that heads back to the house much later is a  new me who has been replenished, who has methodically placed the pieces into the puzzle within my brain that needed to be solved. I now feel peace wrapped around me like a flowing summer wrap.

God becomes exceedingly more real to me while I garden. Even when I was young, He met me there and spoke not with audible words, but with life into my weary, dry soul at times when I needed it the most, lifting confusion and replacing my earthly emotions with a balance that proves to be much more lasting. May your path lead you this week to the peaceful place where you know for sure, He will be to meet you.

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