Here are some of my favorite lines from those of you who participated in Tuesdays Unwrapped this week.

“I mourned the end of summer break and the start of a new season of my life.  The one where both of my children go to school all day and I learn how to be a different kind of mom.  He showed me that my youngest starting kindergarten is really not about me.  He reminded me that it’s been His plan all along, this growing up thing.” Brianna, And Then Some More

. . . because when I read her words, something dislodged from an anxiety place inside me and I could breathe a little easier. It’s not about me, this is as it should be . . .

“Outside, black to blue to gray to pink, it is the most amazing time of day. Light washes away Darkness, Dawn gives birth to Morning.” Patty, Finding Serendipity

. . . because she sees worship in nature as perhaps no other, and she appreciates the beauty of light.

“Test results do not shake Him. Disease does not confuse Him. Toddlers do not try Him. Sin does not override Him. He sits secure today.” Lara, My Adventure With God

. . . because she is a friend in real life and I can hear her sweet voice as she says it. And because I know she believes it and because I know it’s true.

“First I notice the…remnants from last night’s supper scattered beneath the metal table. How can I rest when carpenter ants scavenge brittle pizza crust? When a rainbow of moon sand from this afternoon’s play glitters across the cement, begging to be swept? So I sweep. Return broom to garage. And I sit again.” Michelle, Graceful

. . . because I do this, too; this resting that mingles with activity that just won’t stop. And because she finds a way to do both without feeling guilty.

Join us here every Tuesday as we seek to discover gifts in the midst of the messy, the lovely, and the unexpected.