Because I’m working on this book, most of my writing energy goes into that. And so the blog gets the weary, wrung-out inspiration. Maybe I’m stating that which is painfully obvious.

There is so much I have learned over the past five months while writing this book, so much I want to share here. But there are rules in publishing, so I’m not really free to post much of what I’ve written. Still, I’m getting excited about the way it is coming to life. I hope you think so, too.

Anyway, since I am feeling a bit stifled here lately, I have to tell you that I spent some time yesterday reading a lot of your Tuesday posts. What a delight. You take my breath away. Really. Don’t believe me? Well, while Emily is using all her writing energy up writing in Microsoft Word in a dark corner of Panera on work that will not be available until the Summer of 2011, allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite Tuesday entries this week:

My Town by Graceful

I Get Funny Looks by Finding Serendipity

The Grace of a Normal Day by Billy Coffey

Of Bath Towels and Burritos by Gypsy Mama

Told ya.