Small gifts and daily graces are more difficult to appreciate lately. Because of Tuesdays Unwrapped, I am noticing them, but noticing is not the same as celebrating. Hustle and bustle can be bullies with a capital B. I’ve allowed myself to be pushed around by them a bit lately. Still, there are moments.


Moments where I choose to say yes to the sprinkler even though it means dinner will be late. Here’s to keeping this Tuesday from becoming a reckless and used day.


All of blogland has had difficulty with Mister Linky lately because he has become so popular. As much as I love my custom design, it has presented problems with the recent Linky changes and I am currently unable to host one. He has been gracious to work with me to try to make it work again. And by ‘he’ I mean Mister Linky. Yes, we are BFFs.

When I am able to have links again, I will give you ample notice so we can again enjoy unwrapping our Tuesday moments together. Feel free to link up in the comments section to your Tuesday Unwrapped post. Or tell me: what are your biggest Tuesday bullies?