There’s a reason we unwrap on Tuesdays. It has a lot to do with the song Tuesday by Sarah Masen, the song that was the inspiration for the title of this blog. It also has to do with a real life Tuesday I lived in February of 2009. The 24th, to be exact. I hung my camera around my neck and decided to document the day as it happened: the messy, the lovely and the unexpected.tuesday

This is one of the 136 shots I kept from that day. It may look like an ordinary moment, but the truth is he doesn’t really play with those blocks anymore. So what was an ordinary, regular day is now a sweet memory I want to keep. I wondered about all the other ordinary Tuesdays passing by and decided not to let them go without at least a little reflection.

What about you? I am so thankful for the community of women (and sometimes man) who gather here every Tuesday to unwrap the gift of the everyday. One thing we all collectively realize is that what seems everyday today will not be so tomorrow. And so we pause. Join us?

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