her: Mommy, what was that noise?

me: It was the neighbor coming home.

her: How do you know?

me: Because I know all the noises.

her: Then who was that coming home?

me: The neighbor.

her: Which neighbor?

me: I don’t know which neighbor.

her: I thought you knew all the noises.

*long pause*

her: Is our house floating?

me: No.

her: What if it is?

me: It isn’t.

her: How do you know it isn’t?

me: Because our house is too heavy to float.

her: But what if there are balloons tied to the roof?

*long pause*

me: There aren’t.

her: How do you know?

me: Because I didn’t tie any balloons to the roof.

her: What if they are just there? Can I check?

me: No.

her: BUT!?   ??

me: Okay. Check.

her: (looking out the window) I can’t tell! Oh no. What if we ARE floating?

me: We aren’t.

her: But what if you don’t know, Mommy?

*long pause*

me: You are just going to have to trust me.

And so she did. And went to sleep. Receiving truth isn’t always easy, but most of the time for me, rest soon follows.