Hi. I am being forced against my will to introduce myself. I requested a close up because, well, a full-length photo is too vulnerable for me right now. You see, I’m a bit shy. Understandable, as I have been spending my days in the midst of other disregarded, unwanted…things. And it does a number on a girls self-esteem.
Oh. Oh no. There she goes, backing up. Fine. I can do this. Ok, so I am blue. I have brown trim. I am clean and sturdy and perfect…or so I thought. Evidently, someone else did not think as much, as they sent me off with their ugly pillows and broken radios to the Goodwill. But there is nothing wrong with me. I am not wrong. I am right. Right?
Oh, geez whiz. I’m blushing, can you tell? I guess it’s good to be wanted again. Even if it was for the low, low price of $3. Still, I am wanted. And that is good. But my heart is torn as I consider the friends I left behind. So please. I beg you. Do not forget the tossed-aside and rejected at your local Goodwill.