Goodbyes are not my favorite. Which is why, when the end of summer comes around, I tend to want to rush through it and get out my fall candles and sweaters. Because if I linger too long in the endings, it makes it harder for me to transition to the beginnings.

It’s the same reason why, on the last day of vacation, I want to pack the car the night before and hit the road first thing. There will be no visiting the beach just one more time. There will be no last minute ice cream cones. There is us and there is the car and there is on-our-way-home. Because to linger is to be sad. I don’t like that.

But this summer is different. There is one full week left, and I’ve yet to pull out the pumpkin spice candles. There isn’t a hint of packing away the bathing suits. There is sitting by the pool and slow mornings and jammies ’til noon. There is lots of jumping in just one more time, over and over again.

I’d like to think Tuesday has something to do with this embracing, but it could also be because this is the first true summer break we’ve had now that my kids are school-age. I know the rush that is about to begin. And so I linger.

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