She was in a really bad mood. And in the midst of it, she realized she wanted a peach. Just a peach. She would have much preferred to be capable of cutting it and serving it for herself. But she is 3, so she could not. All she had to do was say “Mommy, may I please have a peach?” That’s it. Seven words.

But she would not.

She tried every other possible tactic. “Mommy, gimme some peach! I want it right now! I want a peach! I WILL have a peach. Give! It! To! Me!”

But I would not.

I repeated to her the requirement for receiving in this situation: “All you have to do is ask ‘Mommy, may I please have a peach?’ ” In other words, you must ask. You may not demand it. This won’t happen on your terms. After all, if she could get it on her own, all she gets is a peach. Ultimately, I want more for her.

Why does the Lord want me to ask Him for things? He already knows what I need, why can’t He simply give it? There are, in fact, so many things He generously gives without my asking, things I wouldn’t even think for which to ask. But I take and enjoy them anyway, many times not realizing they came from His hand. So I get the “thing”, but often times I miss the blessing. Sometimes I think He wants me to ask so that when I receive, there is no doubt about who gave it. It is a lesson in dependence…a reminder that there is Another upon which I am called to rest. He is the Giver.

I wanted to give her the peach.

But not just that…I wanted her to recognize that I wanted to give her the peach. But I also wanted her to have the blessing of asking, then receiving. And I wanted her to understand, ultimately, that all I have is hers…and she is loved.

After many tears, much screaming and a bit of encouragement, she conceded. Though muffled and soft, her request was spoken and granted. She got the peach…but I think the a hug and the high five meant a lot more.

Because afterwards, though she tried to hide it, she was smiling.