I really love Lisa Leonard. She is genuine, talented, and beautiful. She and I sat on the edge of the world a few weeks ago. Surrounded by friends, we talked about life and family and risk. We sat there in the cool sand, the southern September breeze carrying sweet conversation and the occasional laugh and holler from the girls behind us. And as we sat, my soul breathed in deep and wide. I felt the necklace around my neck, the one that says feed your soul, and I realized this is what it meant.

Lisa gave each one of us one of her tiny works of art, and now she wants to give one to you. Enter to win a feed your soul necklace in the comments below by answering the question: What is it that feeds your soul? Comments are open until 11 pm EST Sunday September 25. Winner will be contacted by email on Monday.

Lisa and her husband have two boys and live in California. You can browse Lisa Leonard Designs on her website or visit her beautiful blog. You can also use the code chattingatthesky to receive %15 off your purchase.