Richella and I initially met because of blogging, but have quickly become real life friends. She lives only an hour away. We met once for coffee. She brought me bread she made with her own hands and overflowed with words of encouragement that came from her dear heart. She has been a sweet voice of truth in my life. She speaks with passion, conviction, and grace. When I have been most afraid of this creative life, she has carried some of the burden and believed on my behalf.
Today, her husband Jack is having open heart surgery. The surgery begins at 7 am EST and will go for 6-8 hours. Would you be willing to pray for Richella and Jack and their 3 boys? If so, click over to her blog and tell her so. I’m closing comments on this post – so if you have a moment, would you be willing to carry just a small bit of their burden today and believe with me on their behalf? I know it would mean so much to her.

4pm Update: Jack is out of surgery and all went well! Thank you all for how you so richly blessed this family today. Please keep them in mind as they have a road of recovery ahead.