She sat in time-out and screamed. As I opened the fridge to fill the sippy cups, I had a sense of the Lord speaking into my heart. I didn’t even realize I had asked a question, but I had. Lord, help. I don’t know how to parent today. It’s just too hard. And do you know what He said to me?


“This is my gift to you today. I am working my patience into you. Do you know of a better way to learn to receive my patience? Take…and say thank you.”

It wasn’t the gift I wanted. If patience could be learned on a quiet beach on a warm summer evening, I would be the first to sign up. Perhaps Jesus thought the same thing about redemption when He asked his Father if there was another way to save His people. There wasn’t. So He died, that we might have life abundantly. So that we might have a way to the Father as well as a way to handle the everyday stresses of life.

And so I took my gift and said thank you. It made all the difference.