31 days to hush

Ever feel the need just to put your hands over your ears, shut your eyes tight and hush?

To consider writing here every day in October feels crazy, except for one thing: I am a writer.

The lessons, desires, and growing at work within me are usually worked out through writing. Maybe it’s that way for you, too.

Sometimes I have things I am compelled to say, art I am delighted to share, words I have spent lots of time handling, shaping, and offering to you.

I did that with my first book and then with my second. I also partially did that with 31 Days of Grace and 31 Days to Change the World here on the blog.

These days, I have truths I want to better learn. I’m not sure how much I have to offer, but I’m willing to carry the questions and invite you into the process.

I need to practice listening and I want to write through the rhythm of learning.

Welcome to the first day of 31 Days to Hush: thoughts on becoming a curious listener.

I hope you’ll consider visiting this month for a simple thought or reflection to start your day. And maybe, if you’re a writer too, you would like to join in the community of 31 Dayers.

This is day one.

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Day 16 :: One Surprising Benefit of Having a Hushed Soul

All the posts in the series will be added to this page each day of October. If you would like to receive these quiet thoughts in your email inbox, subscribe now. I look forward to the journey together.