So after reading your comments on my last post (which I loved, by the way), I’ve decided that blogging is definitely kind of weird. Pink Dreaming, you said it so perfectly when you commented about chatting with your blogger friend and how you simply knew more about her than she knew about you. I love that you slapped her on the knee and laughed like you were old buddies. But isn’t that why blogging is so cool, too? Still, when you have a blog and someone reads it and then you meet them for the first time, its like they have an unfair advantage. The social scale is kind of off balance.

But you know what else I’ve decided? I think I’m gonna just go with it. So this is me, embracing the weirdness.
Actually, this is Andy Warhol me. Andy Warhol me with my U-Haul box. Because we’re moving in 2 days. And I have nothing better to do than to take pictures of me and my big self.