So That You May Sing With Us @ We are THAT family :: Even though it’s impossible to truly see the world through someone else’s eyes, reading this post from Kristen makes it seem a little more possible. She carries the burden of knowing, and with it, love.

31 Days to Clean @ Like a Warm Cup of Coffee :: I haven’t read this e-book yet, but the cover alone makes me want to. Sarah Mae is the woman behind it, and I have a feeling I’m gonna like it.

Draw Your Story @ Alpha Mom (by Small Notebook) :: This post was written a month ago (10 years blog time), but I just found it and love. it. I’ve already bought a journal for my family and I drew the first page. It was ridiculous, but fun. Yours will be much cooler than mine.

The Great Romance @ (in)courage (by Tsh Oxenreider) :: Beautiful post of how Simple Mom (Tsh) met her husband, Kyle. Amazing.

Next week at Chatting at the Sky :: My babies are off school next week, but instead of taking the week off from writing the blog altogether, I’m trying my hand at a simple, bare-necessities, week-long series and I hope you’ll come back to breathe in slow and deep. I know I need it. Enjoy the weekend, friends.