You have all made me cry in a good way this week. Thank you for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm about this book thing. I have indeed started to actually write and I am beginning to realize how much fun this is going to be! Many of you asked about the publishing process and I’m working on a post to tell you what I’ve learned. I am not an expert by any definition, but I can certainly direct you to those who are.

In brainless news, this girl here? Love her voice. You should give her a listen.

And just as fun but completely unrelated, my friend Amy has been doing a tour of her house on her blog and you simply have to go nose around over there. And? She and her husband basically did all the work themselves.  Here is the first post.


image from Playing Sublimey

Finally, Amber wrote a lovely post that she calls a non-post (but we know better) on writing and such. She asks a question at the end and since I’m on a panel with her at BlissDom in a few weeks, I would love to hear what you have to say. I always love to hear what you have to say.