looking at you

So. Are you going to BlissDom ’10? I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ll be there. I also don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’m speaking. Here is the agenda in case you are interested. If you are going and haven’t linked up yet on at Nesting Place, go do it. It’s a great way to see who’ll be there and include yourself in the mix.

I want to thank you all for your crazy awesome Disney tips. We are frantically taking notes for our trip. The Man even printed out all the comments and circled and underlined as appropriate. What a great resource!

One last thing: Tuesday’s Unwrapped is officially back starting next week January 19. I look forward to getting back into the routine of sharing the gifts we notice in the midst of our everyday tasks. If you haven’t joined in before, I would invite you to do so next week. It is always encouraging to hear new perspectives on what it means to celebrate the small things.

I’ll be writing at (in)courage tomorrow. Hope to see you there.