So many, many things to chat about this Friday morning. First of all, Lysa’s gonna be on Oprah today. She’s already been on once a while back and Oprah liked her so much, she’s coming back. That’s right. OPRAH. You know, Oprah? So watch her today with her sweet family and her cute hair and do a little jig in your living room.

Second fun thing is that Mary DeMuth’s new book, A Slow Burn was released this week, the second book in the Defiance Texas Trilogy. I met Mary at She Speaks and thanked her for writing so many things I love. She laughed and clapped and made me like her even more than I already did. I read Daisy Chain a few months ago, which is the first book. Start with that one, but know these aren’t for the faint of heart. Mary’s characters go through some mess. But they are real and raw which makes the underlying redemptive themes that much more moving.

the nester

And finally, my lovely and nesty sister the Nester started her 31 days to a better dressed nest series this week. Be sure to visit her every day for the next thirty one and you will be rewarded with Nesterized housey tips. I’m certain she is going to love me extra for posting a life-size photo of her here. What are kid sisters for? Now go watch Oprah.