As I’ve said before, the people who previously owned our house must have been small people with magic clothes that apparently never got dirty. Otherwise, they never could have tolerated the washer in the kitchen for TWENTY YEARS. What about the piles? Where do you put your detergent? What about the piles? Oh. I said that one already.

I can’t really take credit for this next transformation. It was decided more by the men involved than by me, but I nodded my head a LOT while they were talking about it.
As you can see from this wider shot, the kitchen was not lacking in the sink department. There were three. I could have washed both my hands and my right foot all at the same time in three separate sinks. Anyone up for a friendly game of sink twister? I could see the reasoning behind having a prep sink on the island, but the secret sink behind the back door had to go. But what to put in its place?

We didn’t want to spend money to buy any new cabinetry. So it was jigsaw puzzle time.
See that cabinet there on the left in the breakfast area? Pretty random, right? Well, we took that out and put it in place of the 3rd sink. Here is a peek at the process. Look how awkward that fridge is there!
Then, the other cabinetry on that wall was simply rearranged, the sink was replaced with a counter top and moved to the far left and the fridge fit perfectly in the space where the washer and dryer had been. Again, we didn’t have to buy any new cabinets, we simply rearranged what was already there. Here is the end result.
And by the way, we do still have a washer a dryer. You can read about that room here.

For you who are interested, the paint color in the kitchen is Ivoire from Sherwin Williams (the same color I used in my former kitchen), the granite is New Venetian Gold and the back splash is a bisque mini-subway tile. I’m not sure the official name of it. I think the wall color looked better in my other kitchen because the cabinets were black and it was a nice contrast. But this kitchen is still in progress, so stay tuned.