As many of you know, last week I did a couple of guest posts over at Nesting Place because her computer was in trouble. It has been running slow and loud for some time now and over the last few weeks, it began to present symptoms of an incurable disease. Hospice showed up towards the end of the week and by Friday, they paid their last respects and laid that fella to rest.

My sister has been open on her blog about her and her Manly Man Husbands’ desire to get and stay out of debt. They are committed to buying their computer with money they already have rather than putting it on credit. She has been working her little bird tail off making tassels and other goodies to sell in order to raise money to buy another computer.
So she’s hosting a giveaway. All you have to do to enter is buy something from her etsy shop and you can win this basket of lovelies. For those of you who have compassion towards the cause but don’t think you have any use for something made from ribbons and fringe, allow me to try to change your mind.

Enter: The Tassel.

According to The Nester, this is the prettiest thing you’ll never need. I completely agree except for the part about not needing it. I saw this bird tassel listed in her Esty shop and couldn’t buy it up fast enough. And I’m her sister. She would have given it to me for free. But still, I was willing to pay for the birdie goodness.
Look, she has a birdie bustle with her trademark Nesting Place ribbon peeking out from underneath. I just love this bird. I look at her every night before I go to bed. And since The Nester fussed at me for buying a tassel when she could have just given me one, she threw this surprise in the box with the birdie when she shipped it out.
A bonus tassel. A church for birds. My bird tassel loves Jesus. And she goes to church in this little church house. For bird tassels.

The bird was the first tassel I bought, but it isn’t the first tassel I’ve ever had. When the twins were born, along with the garland she made for them, she also made several tassels to put in their room. Here is a close up of one of my favorites.
I am beginning to realize I am somewhat partial to the tassels that have an animal as a topper. The dogs are to die for. My girls love the rabbits. And the horse. Oh my. The horse. I saw one on her blog yesterday and I nearly spilled my coffee for all the lurching I did toward the screen to get a better look. Then I clicked on the image to make it larger. Then I just left it up there on my screen and gazed. Oh, that horse.

I know not everyone can afford to buy something they don’t need, no matter how pretty it is. I respect that for sure. But if you have had your eye on any of those tassels and have been meaning to get yourself one, I would encourage you to do so this week. And be sure to pat yourself on the back for contributing to a worthy cause.