You know how sometimes you laugh so much you cry or you cry so much you laugh? And how sometimes when you’re really nervous or happy or worried, all those emotions come at once and it’s hard to separate them?

I know I’ve been talking about Sting and freaky quirks and 1993. That is classic me: pouring a lot of energy into stupid and meaningless things while big things are happening around me. Like, for example, we bought a house. Two days ago. It’s a nice house. A home of a house. It needs some work, which is why we still live in our house. That we love. But are growing out of.

So we bought a house. There is a story that goes with the buying of this house. It is a great story. Maybe I’ll tell it sometime.

Now we have two houses. We are homes owners.

And it is stressful. Exciting, too.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Photos to come.