So far, seventy-three of you have shared the story of where you were on September 11, 2001. I have read every word from the comments section of that post. There was an incredible range of perspectives represented in those comments. A fifth grade student thought a plane would fly into her house and kill her family. A pregnant mama dreamed for weeks that 9/11 would be the day her baby girl would be born. There was the wife of a United Airlines worker, the wife of a police officer for the LAPD and the wife of a soldier. One reader was even at the trade center just an hour before the first plane hit.

Then there were stories like this one, simply stating the facts of her life at that time that could have been true for any of us: “I ruined my car. We were having a baby. Something horrible was happening in our Country. I got stung by a bee.” I encourage you to check out her entire post on Brambleberry Grace, as it is worth the read.

We were doing the regular, normal life stuff: nursing babies, putting on makeup, watching Barney, teaching a class, enjoying a family vacation…when one tragic event interrupted each life and brought us all to a collective halt.

Thank you for remembering and sharing your story with us. Each one is individually vital to the greater story of our country as a whole, even Anonymous who doesn’t care and thinks we should leave it alone. I know you have a story. And it is important, too.